Rental Policy

Priority of Use Categories

Priority of use of the Center is as follows:

  1. Bayside Middle School
  2. San Mateo-Foster City School District
  3. Nonprofit/Noncommercial Any organization generally recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code and related sections as now or hereafter amended. Any such organization must provide a copy of IRS 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) approval to Bayside Performing Arts Center prior to receiving any rate benefit associated with this category.
  4. Commercial Any organization not qualifying for nonprofit, noncommercial status.

Priority Booking

Primary Booking for SMFCSD Events is conducted starting March 1 of each year for the following school year. Priority Booking for Non-Profit and Commercial Use is conducted starting on March 15 of each year for July 1 through June 30 of the following year.


Organizations wishing to rent any of the facilities must first submit an application for Facilities Use. Theatre reservation information and facilities use applications may be obtained by emailing or by calling (650) 655-3399.

Completed applications can be delivered as follows:

  1. Emailed to
  2. Faxed to (650) 312-7634
  3. Mailed to Gregg Brooks, Bayside Performing Arts Center, 2025 Kehoe Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403-1099
  4. Delivered to the administrative office at Bayside Middle School


Any use of the Center or series of uses which compromise an Arrangement. (i.e. rehearsal, performance, load-in, meeting, etc.)

Performance Period

A Performance Period refers to any Event attended by the public, audience or members of a group, and/or any use for the purpose of broadcasting, televising, recording or filming an event. The Performance Period fees include one performance with a Period of up to three consecutive hours of use. Staff included during a Performance Period are: Facility Supervisor.

Non-performance period

The Non-Performance Period is any time the Theatre is occupied by the Licensee but not open to the public or audience, excluding usage for the purpose of broadcasting, televising, recording or filming an event. The Nonperformance Period includes rehearsals, technical rehearsals and loading in or out of sets and equipment. The presence of more than ten (10) persons in the audience, regardless of affiliations, shall be regarded as a performance.

Content Policy

The Bayside Performing Arts Center is an educational institution. The user is expected to use discretion in regards to choice of language, content and subject matter. Failure to do so will result in the termination of contract and future use of facilities.


Deposits are 50 percent (50%) of the estimated Arrangement fees to secure booking and are non-refundable. Balance is due four (4) weeks prior to first day of theatre use.

Advertising and Promotions

Publicity may not be distributed and use of the Theatre may not be granted until the Facilities User Agreement is approved and signed, and the User notified. User agrees to read and adhere to Bayside Performing Arts Center marketing requirements. Posters, flyers, and other promotional or informational materials may be placed only in designated areas with approval from the theatre manager. All material, which includes the theatre’s name, shall be reviewed prior to disbursement.


Theatre staff will, at all times, retain control of the management of the Theatre and enforce all policies. The Theatre Manager will assign all technical staff. The User, through advance arrangements with the Theatre Manager, may furnish backstage personnel. Such personnel shall be responsible to Center staff. Center staff will determine the skill needed to operate various house facilities and equipment and if User personnel are qualified to operate said equipment. All staff furnished by the Center, beyond the Theatre Manager, will be billed to the User according to the Fee Schedule.

Code Compliance

Users of the facilities and their sub-contractors are required to comply with the requirements of all state and federal regulations, as well as ordinances and regulations of the City and County of San Mateo, including Safety and Health, Fire and Life Safety, and all other applicable laws.

Basic Facility Fees

Normal heating and air conditioning, janitorial and engineering services, stage draperies, basic in-house stage lighting equipment, basic in-house sound equipment, dressing area, and backstage facilities are included.

Billing Increments

Should the User leave the Theatre early, either by choice or on request, fees must be paid in full in accordance with the Facility.

Payment of Fees

The User will be responsible for securing and maintaining all:

Insurance Requirements

All groups, other than SMFCSD groups, using district facilities must be covered by their own liability insurance for at least $1,000,000. Two certificates are required before using any facility. (1) A Certificate of Insurance. And (2) an Additional Insured Endorsement naming SMFCSD, its officers, and employees as “additional insured.” At time of application.

Cancellation Costs

Costs for cancellation of the agreement for ticketed or non-ticketed performances can include actual costs incurred by the Theatre as a result of the cancellation in addition to the total estimated facility fees.


The User agrees to hold an intermission of not less than fifteen (15) minutes for any programs lasting 1 ½ hours or more unless written agreement is reached between the Center and the Licensee.

Performance Length

Performances and Rehearsals must conclude before 10:00 pm. All cast and crew are to vacate the premises immediately at the conclusion of the event.


All food and beverage concessions for performances are provided exclusively by Bayside Performing Arts Center, except for school fundraising activities. Approval must be granted in writing by Bayside Performing Arts Center and all staff must follow the policies and procedures of the theater. All questions must be directed to the manager on duty.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be sold, served or brought into the Theatre, Bayside Middle School and surrounding areas. No tobacco usage is permitted on school grounds including the theatre.

Cleaning/Damage Fees

The User is responsible for maintaining and leaving the Theatre and adjacent areas in the same condition as found. As determined by the Theatre the Licensee is responsible for repair and replacement costs of any damage which might occur to the building and its contents. No storage areas are available. No stage sets or materials may remain in the building after a performance/use. Only non-flammable sets and materials are permitted in the Theatre. The Theatre is not responsible for any items brought onto the premises by the User.


In no case shall attendance exceed the established capacity of 599 in the auditorium. Licenses shall not permit a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move around the facilities. The decision of the Center/or the San Mateo Fire Department in this respect shall be final.


The theatre reserves the right to require security personnel during events. Licensees shall be responsible for the payment of any special costs necessary for maintaining order, security, public health, safety, and protection of facilities. Potential security concerns may result in suspending an event until security arrangements are approved in writing by the San Mateo Police Department and the licensee agrees to pay additional measures. The Theatre may cancel or interrupt an event which threatens to damage property or injury to persons in or near the theatre or school.

Recording, Filming, Photography, and Broadcasts

Any reproduction of events within the facilities is subject to prior approval by the Center. Flash photography is prohibited during performances.

House Programs

All programs distributed in connections with any public events at the Center’s facilities shall contain the following safety notice along with an exiting diagram for the facility in which the event is scheduled: The exit indicated by the illuminated sign nearest your seat is the shortest route to the street. Please note these exits. In an emergency, WALK, do not run.

Backstage Areas

Authorized personnel have access to backstage areas. Performers, crew, and company personnel shall enter and exit through the stage door. Licensees shall provide a list of all persons authorized to enter the Center’s stage door no later than one (1) working day prior to the performance date of access. Every person, including performers and company personnel, must have a ticket to the House for the purposes of watching the performance. Make arrangements to meet post-performance guests outside the stage door rather than in the seating areas and lobby.

Stage Information and Rules